Natural Oils

Natural essential oils are essences considered the last possible sublime extract of the most condensed form of a plant. These are obtained from different parts of the plant by distillation, expression, and extraction with low boiling solvents and enfleurage.

They have a wide range of applications in various industries such as in food and beverage, fragrances, cosmetics, and, aromatherapy, and pharmaceutical.

The Philippines is rich in natural resources, endowed with vast aromatic plants which are mostly hardly explored yet.

Essential oils were the 457th (out of the 1200 products) most imported products in the Philippines, primarily from United States, India, China, United Kingdom and Singapore.

Essential oil production is an important contribution to the local incomes of relatively poor rural populations in developing countries

The major producers of essential oils across the world are China and India, followed by Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam in Asia.

The Philippines’ import values on essential oils in 2020 totals to US $22.6M┬ábecoming the 34th (out of 212 countries) largest importer of essential oils in the world.