Known for its warm, creamy, round, sweet flavor and fragrance, vanilla is the perfect partner for perfumers and flavorists alike. The flower is exotic and the bean that bears its gift is earthy and intriguing.

The romance with vanilla started early in the 16th century, when Spanish explorers discovered “little pods” on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. They named the pods “vainilla,” which eventually morphed into its current name.

Known for its antioxidant values, vanilla helps repair your body at the molecular level. Vanilla also soothes gastrointestinal issues and lowers fever, reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes, and obscures the effects of aging by making skin more vibrant.

Known as the world’s most popular flavor and aroma, vanilla enhances the taste of nearly every baked dessert. It is also used in diverse product applications ranging from exotic culinary dishes, beverages and sweet treats, to fragrances, candles, hair care and beauty aids, to household and air care products.

Pure vanilla extract has a spicy yet sweet flavor, with a rum-like, woody and easily recognized floral aroma. Mexican, Tahitian, Indonesian, Bourbon and Madagascar vanillas are among the most popular varieties in use today, each with its own distinct flavor.