Farm Tour

Experience our Feed the Animals Farm Tour.

We’ll introduce you to our alpacas Chase, Dino and Eureka. 

Our friendly sheep will come and eat out of your hand. And depending on the time of year, we’ll have lots of cute lambs!

We’ll feed some chooks, ducks and the pair of resident geese too. Sometimes we’ve got baby chicks and ducklings. 

Farm tours run at 10am and go for about an hour. 

You can also book via Airbnb or just check out our five star reviews.

What should I bring?

Please wear appropriate clothing. Tours are run in summer and winter, so make sure you have a jacket and gumboots when it’s cold and wet. All the animals still need to eat when it’s raining so we run the tours even when the weather is wintery.

In warmer weather you should bring a hat and sunscreen and consider a water bottle if you might get thirsty. 

Closed toed shoes are required at all times for your safety. You’ll be walking around a farm with dirt and animals, so your shoes might get dirty.

Want to learn more?

Interested to learn more about our tours? We also run school farm tours, farm tours for community groups and others. And we also run workshops.

If you have any questions about starting your own farm, we’re always happy to talk about our experience on the farm tour.

Where do I go?