Organic Extracts

Our organic extracts are made using a modernized technology similar to the ancient method of enfleurage – the gentle extraction of oil from precious flowers by soaking them first in vegetal fat, then using alcohol as a solvent to separate the oils from the fat. This extraction process uses only certified organic solvents such as fixed oils and alcohol to coax the aromatic essence out of the plant material. The resulting bio-available essence, extracted without added heat, captures the intricate aroma of the original plant material.

We are one of a select few in North America who carry the organic extracts made from Rose de MaiJasmine, and Orange Blossom. These oils are best used for body care and aromatherapy due to the ‘aliveness’ of the essences. However, natural perfumers who wish to create organic perfumes will also love these oils. This new extraction method for the first time allows Jasmine, Carnation and Tuberose – in the form of organic extracts – to be used for true aromatherapy purposes, whereas previously they had only been available as solvent extracted absolutes that are not recommended for therapeutic applications.